Staffing Services

Despite the constant innovation in business technology, work processes and service offerings, one constant factor in business success is the strength of your workforce. After all, only a business with a committed, capable and satisfied workforce is properly equipped to deal with increasing competitiveness and the need for flexibility in today’s marketplace.

To building a committed workforce, your business needs to have robust labour hire processes in place. If you’re looking to outsource your labour hire services, we can help.

Most large businesses are made up of both unskilled and skilled workers, as well as workers in supervisory or management positions. In South Africa, unskilled workers are easy to come by but can be difficult to manage and retain. On the other hand, skilled workers and those in managerial positions are in high demand, which means that they demand higher wages and are in short supply.

Acquiring labour for your business can therefore be a time consuming and expensive process. As a solution to this, our labour hire services do the work of ensuring you have the right kind of staff for your particular business needs.

We offer two main types of labour hire services, temporary labour hire and contract labour hire:

Temporary and Contract Labour Hire Services

As part of our temporary and contract labour services, we look after all your production and staffing requirements, and can provide you staff on a temporary or contract basis. As part of managing this for you, we screen all our candidates regularly, including checking their references and carrying out police and credit checks if required.

We supply the following Temporary Staff:

  • Care workers.
  • Registered nurses.
  • Porters.
  • Reception staff.
  • Drivers.
  • Laundry staff.
  • Kitchen staff.
  • Pharmaceutical Chemist
  • Retail Pharmacist
  • Pharmacist assistant

With our temporary and contract labour services, the workers that we provide to you integrate into your own management structure by reporting in to your own managers and heads of department. This allows temporary staff to integrate properly with other permanent members of staff, and to form a proper identity as part of your organization.

Our recruitment procedure includes:

  • Interviewed Face-to-Face
  • Reference Checked
  • Criminal Checked & ITC checks (On Request)
  • Verifications are done on applicant’s RN / EN / ENA registration documents with SANC
  • Medical Tests (On request and job-related)
  • Induction to company policies
  • Orientation (1 day at client)
  • Orientation feedback received from Client
  • Mobilised

At the same time, the temporary and contract labour workers we provide stay on our payroll – which takes the headache out of acquiring more staff. What’s more, our temporary staff are not tied to permanent employment contracts, and you can employ people for the period of time that suits your requirements.

In the case of emergencies and you require staff immediately, our transport division will collect the staff member from their home and bring them to you at no extra charge.